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Hire An IT Manager

From $199 per month*

Try our revolutionary approach to managed IT services today and get:

  • A dedicated IT manager

  • A comprehensive IT audit

  • IT compliant Policies & Procedures guidelines

  • Employee onboarding & termination review

  • Expert vCIO business strategies

  • Unified device management for PC, Mac

  • Auto deployed security updates

  • Cloud-based security end-point protection

* Special pricing is available if you pay annually

Let's Get Started

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What will your IT Manager do?

  • Reevaluate IT costs

  • Evaluate Information System needs

  • Revise IT budgets

  • Provide remote workers technology solutions

  • Make software recommendations

  • Vendor research and management

  • Implement IT Policies and Procedures

  • Oversee security measures and best practices

  • Schedules infrastructure updates and planned outages

  • Manage assets and hardware life-cycles

  • Make hardware recommendations

  • Monitor workstation performance and patching

IT or "Information Technology" managers are information technology professionals who plan, direct and oversee activities dealing with a company's computers, information systems and data security. The IT manager coordinates jobs related to the hardware, software and network that the business uses and ensures that these systems are always available.

Book of Laws


Whether you're a new business or a business subject to new compliance laws we have your compliance resources. We provide documents to help walk you through the process and we are there for you to help you get it done. Compliance is not just employee education, it is also a state of secured data throughout your business to keep your customers’ trust.

NIST standards
IRS Pub 4557 for Tax Professionals
PCI (credit card data)

ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002

IT Manager Consultant

Stop overpaying for IT managers and consultants. Call now, risk free, to get your questions answered or if there is an emergency on your network:


Extensive Knowledge Base

Every IT agent at our facility has access to an extensive knowledge base for most mainstream applications. This gives a fast resolution to most known issues. In addition we always know when a system is experiencing performance issue due to our 24/7 system monitoring operations.

What is available to you right away?


Software Version and Licensing Tracking


Change Control Template


Business Associate Agreement Templates


IT/NIST Security Guidelines


Microsoft Domain Best Practices


Warranty Service Status


Compliance Officer (HIPAA/SEC/Privacy)


Security Patch Management Report


Asset Management Report


IT Security Audit Report

What Our Clients Say

Renee M., Network Services

They got me in contact with someone who was able to simplify us getting fiber optic for the office. I was going back and forth between companies, one telling me I need something the other telling me I didn't. It was time consuming and a little frustrating. They will be helping with the installation, when AT&T gets it out here.

Rick B, D.C.

I highly recommend Evo Networks for your IT support.  They were extremely knowledgeable with personalized support for my companies needs. They have an excellent format sending you multiple weekly reports that your network is being monitored daily and functioning as it should. They will also come out to you and give you estimates and options for recommendations to keep your network current.

Miya H., Office Mgr

The team from Evolution Networks are great technicians. They are courteous, efficient and leave no mess. Did a great job installing our fiber optics and setup the network... We highly recommend them if you are looking for someone professional that could help you save money in these COVID-19, challenging times!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does your IT audit tell me?

Our auditing process is a comprehensive analysis of your current
computer networking environment. We gather all the necessary
information to provide expert guidance. We will present solutions
based on your weaknesses to manage your risks.

2. How can you charge only $199 per month for this service?

We have helped several thousand clients over the past 20 years, and
all of them share a set of fundamental security needs. Our services
start with providing a technical security stack that safeguards what
you value in your business.

3. What if my company has different needs?

We can build on our technical security stack to address more complex
environments. In addition to IT management, we offer a full
complement of services to meet your company's unique support and
security needs. We pride ourselves on providing as much support as
our clients need, including empowering clients that wish to

4. What if you don't offer a service we need?

Our goal is always your success. When we do not offer a service you
need, we source the right solutions to fit your unique environment.

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MSpart bw.png

Click, Quote and Get Secured.

Virtual IT Manager


Up to 4 computers


Plus A One-Time Setup Fee /
In-Depth IT Audit For $250

Virtual IT Team


Up to 10 computers


Plus A One-Time Setup Fee /
In-Depth IT Audit For $500

Virtual IT Dept.



Up to 20 computers


Plus A One-Time Setup Fee /
In-Depth IT Audit For $1000

Enterprise IT


Up to 50 computers


Plus A One-Time Setup Fee /
In-Depth IT Audit For $1500

Every package includes the following benefits:

An assigned IT manager

24-7 PC monitoring and security patching

24-7 Microsoft updates and patch management

24-7 antivirus and malware scanning

Access to our support Help Desk*

Access to IT documentation

Ticketing system to create a custom knowledgebase

Comprehensive review of your current IT security and more


Unlimited and instant remote tech support**
Voice Over IP support
Line of Business application support
Vendor management and support
Network support
Wireless support
Printer support
Mobile support

* Support calls during business hours are per hour without adding unlimited help desk support

** Calls to the help desk outside of business hours are still per hour

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