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CISA's Unveils Measures to Bolster Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has taken a significant step towards enhancing the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure organizations by providing detailed insights into the misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities often exploited by ransomware gangs. This proactive move by CISA aims to empower critical infrastructure entities to better defend themselves against ransomware attacks.

CISA's initiative comes as a part of its Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot (RVWP) program, which was initiated in January of this year. Under this program, CISA pledged to alert critical infrastructure organizations about devices within their networks that were vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Since its launch, the RVWP has been instrumental in identifying and disseminating information about more than 800 vulnerable systems that possess internet-accessible vulnerabilities frequently targeted by various ransomware groups.

In its announcement, CISA highlighted the fact that ransomware attacks have significantly disrupted critical services, businesses, and communities on a global scale. It is worth noting that many of these incidents were carried out by ransomware actors leveraging common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) - essentially, known vulnerabilities. However, the critical aspect is that numerous organizations may remain unaware of the presence of a vulnerability on their network that could potentially be exploited by ransomware threat actors.

To address this concern, CISA has made these vital insights readily available to all organizations. A key development in this effort is the introduction of a new column in CISA's catalog of known exploited vulnerabilities (KEVs) titled 'known to be used in ransomware campaigns.' Furthermore, CISA has launched an additional resource, part of the RVWP program, which serves as a companion list, outlining misconfigurations and weaknesses that are commonly exploited in ransomware campaigns.

This strategic initiative is part of a broader campaign launched by CISA in response to the escalating ransomware threat, which first came to prominence nearly two years ago. During this period, there has been a surge in cyberattacks targeting vital infrastructure organizations and U.S. government agencies, exemplified by notable incidents such as those involving Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, and Kaseya.

In June 2021, CISA introduced the Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA), an essential component of its Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET). The RRA was specifically designed to assist organizations in evaluating their preparedness to both prevent and recover from ransomware attacks.

By August 2021, CISA had also published comprehensive guidance intended to help vulnerable government and private sector entities in their efforts to prevent data breaches resulting from ransomware incidents.

In its unwavering commitment to safeguard critical U.S. infrastructure from ransomware and other cyber threats, CISA formed a partnership with the private sector. This collaborative endeavor, known as the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC), reflects the collective response strategy involving all federal agencies and private sector organizations that have united in this crucial alliance.

As part of its multifaceted approach, CISA launched the dedicated online portal,, which functions as the central repository for CISA's comprehensive resources, serving as an indispensable source of information to help defenders prepare for and mitigate ransomware attacks.

In an ongoing commitment to cybersecurity, CISA has previously directed federal agencies to secure their Internet-exposed network devices. Furthermore, in conjunction with the FBI and the NSA, CISA has issued a joint advisory, which highlighted the 12 most exploited vulnerabilities in the year 2022. This information has been instrumental in improving cybersecurity readiness across the federal sector.

CISA's unwavering dedication to cybersecurity and resilience underscores the critical importance of proactive measures in safeguarding our nation's critical infrastructure from ever-evolving cyber threats.

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